Liquid chemical repellency tester

Sataton chemical liquid repellency tester; It is designed for the determination of chemical fluid permeability properties of medical uniform, apron and similar clothes. It is accredited and compatible with the standards.

ISO 6530

Please contact for a list of all standards.

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Liquid chemical repellency test

The protective fabric is placed in an inclined groove (45 °) covered with an absorbent material.
10 ml of liquid is poured on the test cloth within 10 seconds.
Any liquid that penetrates the fabric within 1 minute is expressed as% of the original amount spilled.
Any liquid collected by the cutter after 1 minute is expressed in% (propellant) of the original amount.
European standard EN 6530 measures fluid passage through a fabric and fluid repellency of a fabric.
The penetration index refers to the percentage of the original amount that entered the fabric within 1 minute.
The repellency index corresponds to the amount of fluid collected after 1 minute (in a detector breaker) as a percentage of the original amount.
Penetration results for each chemical are classified into 3 performance classes.

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