Medical mask air flow resistance and differential pressure tester

GBPI, Medical mask air flow resistance and differential pressure tester works according to the pressure difference method. It is a complete test station with a fully automatic and fine-tuned touch control panel.

EN 14683, ASTM F2100

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Medikal maske nefes alabilirlik test cihazı

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Differential Pressure Test - Delta P

The Differential Pressure Tester is a laboratory test tool to determine the breathability of medical face masks, the principle of testing is to test the air exchange pressure of the medical face mask material by measuring the differential pressure required to draw air from a surface area measured at a constant air flow rate. indicates the breathability of their masks.

The internal water-filled differential manometer is used to measure differential pressure, and a mass flow meter for measuring air flow. The electric vacuum pump draws air from the medical mask breathability tester and a needle valve is used to adjust the air flow rate.

Medical face mask

What is the purpose of the medical face mask?
In the operating room (OR), surgical masks protect the sterile field from possible contamination primarily from coughing, sneezing or talking. A mask can also protect clinicians from by-products of surgical procedures, such as bone chips, splashes of body fluids, and fluff from laser or electrosurgical techniques. Apart from OR masks, it is used for standard measures to protect clinicians and patients from pathogens that can spread through blood or other body fluids, secretions or excretions. Surgical and procedural masks are effective against droplet delivery.

Surgical mask or procedure mask

What is the difference between surgical mask and procedure mask?
A surgical mask is used to protect the patient environment from contamination in the operating room or during other sterile procedures. It also protects the clinician from contaminated fluids or spills that occur during the procedure. Surgical masks have ligaments so they can be adjusted for fit and are attached to a surgical or puffy cap. The procedure mask is used to perform patient procedures or to isolate patients from potential contaminants. They are used to protect both patients and staff from the transfer of respiratory secretions or other fluids or rashes. They are used for ‘respiratory etiquette’ to prevent people from spreading germs through speech, coughing, or sneezing. Procedure masks have ear loops for quick donning and can be worn without a surgical cap as they don’t slip on the hair.

Medical mask air flow resistance and differential pressure tester

EN 14683, ASTM F2100

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